Tours in France are available for a minimum of four days at £3,000 GBP.

Further days are available at £700 per day

Our tours in France are perfect for a chance to see the D Day museums, landing grounds and memorials, experiencing the  Normandy, Paris, the Riviera and The Vineyards.

Normandy – a possible seven day tour itinerary

a. Visit Aldershot Airborne Forces Museum: the true heroes of the day!
b. Southwark House/HMS Dryad: final planning was in the Map Room;
c. Free time for lunch in one of the historic pubs around this village;
d. D-Day Museum in Southsea, with the excellent Overlord Tapestry;
e. Optional visit to Portsmouth Cathedral followed by Evensong at 6.00;
f. Drinks and included dinner at a typical historic Portsmouth hostelry!
g. Overnight Brittany Ferries Portsmouth to Caen

a. Visit the Pegasus Bridge Museum, opened by Prince of Wales in 2000;
b. Visit Bavent Ridge, the vital eastern flank of the Allied Invasion Force;
c. Ranville Cemetery: our earliest casualties are buried in this churchyard;
d. Merville Gun Battery, captured by 6th Airborne, to protect the beaches;
e. Included coffee break at café across Pegasus Bridge from the Museum;
f. Follow the British and Canadian Landing Beaches: Sword, Juno, Gold;
g. Visit the new Canadian Centre by Juno, at Courseulles-sur-Mer, lunch;
h. Continue to Bayeux, where we shall stay at the *** Hotel de Brunville.

a. Arromanches-les-Bains, the Mulberry Harbour and 360o Panorama;
b. Return to Bayeux with optional visit to Bayeux’s Battle of Normandy Museum, illustrating various aspects of this crucial part of the war;
c. Enjoy Bayeux with its famous Tapestry and Cathedral Bayeux, the first major city to be liberated, without damage, is a beautiful ancient town, with many lovely half-timbered and fine stone buildings.

a. Omaha Beach, US Armed Forces Landings, with its two Museums;
b. Colleville-sur-Mer, American Military Cemetery, so heart-breaking;
c. Ste. Mere Eglise, with its lovely church and US “Private John Steel”;
d. Free time for lunch and to visit the Musee Airborne 6 Juin, 1944;
e. Return to Bayeux. Evening at leisure.

a. Caen with its enormous Peace Memorial Museum, totally amazing;
b. Afternoon at leisure in Caen. An opportunity to visit William the Conqueror’s chateau, and the Abbaies des Hommes and des Dames;
c. Return to Bayeux. Evening at leisure.

a. Visit La Cambe’s German War Cemetery, originally a US cemetery;
b. Utah Beach and its museum; more US troops drowned than were shot;
c. French Museum about the Occupation at Quineville, with archive film;
d. Visit St.Vaast La Hougue, where King James II’s last hopes were lost;
e. Included dinner at La Barcadere, overlooking this attractive harbour;
f. 11.45 board Brittany Ferries overnight ferry to Poole.

a. Drive by the Lulworth Firing Ranges, nearby Tyneham MOD Village;
b. Visit ARF Bovington Tank Regiment Museum to review vital tanks;
c. See Moreton Church, where Lawrence of Arabia aka Ross, is buried;
d. Visit Weymouth and Portland, two of the main scenes of war action;
e. Time at leisure for lunch in this charming part of beautiful Dorset;
f. Visit Nether Wallop Army Air Corps Museum, to see their vital role;
g. Return to London.

  • Airborne Forces
  • American Memorial
  • Battlefield
  • Fortification
  • Memorial
  • Minesweeper Tank


Normandy 01
Normandy 02

Rouen and Honfleur

Rouen 01


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