Tours in Ireland are available for a minimum of four days at £1,800 GBP.
Further days are available at £400 per day.

In our continuing expansion beyond French tours we now offer the exciting possibility to explore the charming, fascinating, natural, uncrowded, unspoilt Isle of Ireland. The hospitality of the Irish is legendary and leaves one with a very special memory and experience which visitors take back home and forever crave having never forgotten the experience.

Furthermore the cuisine and accommodation is second to none, very reasonably priced against the rest of Europe, with the unique addition that the visitor is genuinely always welcomed.

We specialise in tours in the South West being the West Cork and Kerry areas. Gardens of world renown, such as Garnish Island, are another feature worth relishing and then visiting especially in view of the individual flora & fauna much influenced by the increased exposure to the Gulf Stream and the early separation from England at the end of the last Ice age.

The Patti Hobin party at Blarney Castle, County Cork, Ireland just before they kissed the Blarney stone

We do not promote Castle or Stately House sightseeing in this area, but they are also available in abundance should that be one of your areas of interest.

For preferential rates we recommend extended touring which can include Dublin – although our experience is that Cork is the friendlier and more personal city. Touring can further be extended up the West Coast to Galway and Donegal as well as across to the Wicklow Mountains on the East Coast.

Come to Ireland – an experience you will never forget, for all the right reasons , and maybe even discover your heritage!!

Ireland 04

When planning a tour of Ireland, remember that the permutations of possible starting and finishing points are endlessly flexible.

For example we could meet at Heathrow, tour through to Wales, catch a luxury overnight ferry to Cork and continue our quest throughout Ireland ending up at either Shannon or Dublin Intercontinental airports.

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Applicable for tours between November and March
7 day tours :1/3 reduction
14 day tours : Half price