London Tours

See much more of London in one day than you will ever have believed possible. See it, understand it, experience it, the PW way !

If you ask us to provide a one day tour we can achieve the following on top of the panoramic driven overview of some of the sights as below :- personally guided site visits to Westminster Abbey, the Queens ‘Peculiar’ and Coronation Church and Her Majesties Royal Palace & Fortress ‘The Tower of London’ where amongst many other things you will see where prisoners were kept and executions took place and you will also visit the vault where the Coronation Regalia, known as the ‘Crown Jewels’ are safely housed.

Between these two greats, these two ‘must dos’, we will have a small, again personally guided, walking tour from Westminster Abbey, past Horse Guards Parade where you will see the Mounting of the Guard and then on to meet the old Guard from where we progress to Buckingham Palace and, once again, we adopt a unique position to see another movement of the guards, this time the New Guard.

Being in the right place, at the right time and having all of this explained transforms the Guard Change experience, so do it with us and satisfyingly experience and see what you have come from so far away to see.

  • London Eye
  • Tower Bridge
  • Westminster

Here are lists of some of the most often requested sights of London. Those that are marked with * may be incorporated in a London Private Guided Tour but there will not be time to visit everything in one day!

These are just some of the sights that you are likely to encounter during a one day tour, in which we will have enough time to drive by and talk about the major attractions:

The Tower of London*
The Changing of the Guard*
The Mounting of the Guard*
Buckingham Palace*
Westminster Abbey*
St Paul’s Cathedral*


The world renowned Art Galleries that we might encounter on our tour :

The National Gallery
Tate Britain*
The National Portrait Gallery*
Tate Modern


Of course, there are also some fascinating Museums to explore, which are always very popular.

The British Museum*
The London Museum*
The Imperial War Museum
The War Cabinet Rooms
The Victoria and Albert Museum

Then, too, I will tell you about those royal parks and how and why they became royal – such as Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James’s Park.

You will not want to miss hearing how and when the royal palaces came to be in central London – and there are more of them than you might expect, for example Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and St. James’s Palace… and this is apart from royal palaces such as the New Palace of Westminster and The Tower of London, both of which although no longer occupied by the Royal Family, are nevertheless held in that special category.

You will also see and hear about historic names and places such as Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Grosvenor Square, Belgrave Square, Sloane Street, The King’s Road, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner – as well as the Cities of London & Westminster, as opposed to the Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea and Camden.

Many visitors are keen to know about how our political system works and where the government departments are situated – most famously, the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer in Downing Street. Last but not least there are the legal areas to cover such as The Inns of Court, where the barristers, our trial lawyers, have their offices.

Then too there is the financial district in the heart of the City of London, where The Bank of England, The Royal Exchange, Lloyds and Mansion House all lie. All along you will be shown a multitude of meaningful statues and monuments, the significance of which will be part of your experience.

You know it took 2,000 and more years for London to develop as you see it today and you will only be able to see and understand a fraction of it in a day or two – but rest assured it will be a rather juicy part…