The Cotswolds

All about our tours to The Cotswolds

Tours purely to the Cotswolds are suitable for people who want to have a leisurely day, seeing beautiful towns and villages without heavy historical interest.

Cotswold Architecture & Buildings are unique and rather beautiful, in the way that they use a particular type of Limestone known as Oolitic Limestone from the Jurassic period which is quite unique and beautiful , please see .

The skill used to make dry stone walls and the way that even roofing tiles are sliced out of the stone is quite astounding and very labour intensive. We are likely to see places like Chipping Camden, Chipping Norton, The Slaughters, Stow- on-the-Wold & Burton-on-the-Water at least on this day.

Please see for more information.

The Cotswolds

On these tour days there are several character places I have in mind for your enjoyment for quality pub lunches or we could go, at the top end, to a particularly lovely Restaurant ~ see which is also a Hotel and is set in beautiful surrounding fields & woods with sheep roaming around the area.

The Wool from the Sheep in this region is the reason for the areas wealth and fabulous buildings right through from the 12th century through to the 18th century. Think of this wealth as being equivalent to today’s oil industry. Think about the fact that even tapestries were made from wool and the Flemish skill in making those tapestries. Our cooperation with the Flemish in this trade and wars with the French, as a consequence, are legendary. With the advent of the industrial revolution labour became more expensive and new clothing materials came about, for example cotton, which meant that that wool was less in demand.

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